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Clinical Anatomy e-learning portal


No subject is more relevant to a physician than anatomy. Anatomy demonstrates all structures of human body, which are important during a patient's examination, either externally (e.g. during a physical exam) or internally (e.g. while performing or interpreting diagnostic and therapeutic procedures). The aim of this web site is to encourage and support the study of Human Developmental and Gross Anatomy with a particular interest on health and wellbeing.

Anatomy also makes a significant contribution to the medical terminology that allows health care professionals to interact with each other in clear and precise terms. The anatomical terminology is learnt early in the educational process since it contributes so much to the foundation of the broader medical language.

The development, formation, structure and function of various organ systems are discussed through a series of videos, applications and online sessions by regional principle. The emphasis on clinical applications and morphofunctional correlations will help the students to understand the anatomical features of different organs and systems. The following systems will be discussed in the course: skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, nervous, urinary, genital and endocrine. 

Basically the course consists of the following units: material about fertilization and events before and after it, developmental and gross anatomy of the Upper, Lower limbs and the Back; development and malformations of cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems as well as gross anatomy of the Thorax and Abdomen; development and malformations of urogenital system and Head & Neck as well as gross anatomy of Pelvis and Perineum & Head and Neck regions will be discussed.

The goals of our website are explain the normal anatomical structures of the human body with their functions and development and make a professional presentation of main clinical conceptions on the scientific base. User should be able to indentify main anatomical structures on specimens and sections of human body; and to interpret X-ray, CT and MRI data they will face in their professional life as Medical Practitioner.



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