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GA Lab4: Head

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Learn about clinical anatomy and take GA Lab  part 4 "Head"  with you everywhere! This application was designed to provide a useful, concise and simple supplement to available atlases and textbooks in Gross Anatomy.

Recognizing that our students are faced with the task of learning an ever increasing number of conceptions in an ever decreasing period of time, we try to indicate the most important structures only, make the useful notes and provide good quality photos of the real and plastic specimens, human body sections, X-rays and CT scans. You can use this application like a guide during your preparing to GA labs, NBME and USMLE exams. 

There are 72 slides totally in version 1.0. Content: Newborn skull, Adult skull, Cranial fossas, Exit of cranial nerves, External base of the skull, Hard palate, Norma lateralis, Temporomandibular joint, Pterygopalatine fossa, Orbital cavity, Nasal cavity, Sphenoid bone, Temporal bone, Ethmoid bone, Mandible, Dura mater, Pia mater and Arachnoid, Superficial face, Parotid gland, Facial nerve, Facial artery and vein, Temporal fossa, Sagittal section of the head, Palatine tonsil, Trigeminal nerve, Parasympathetic ganglia of the head, Tongue, Orbital content, Muscles of the eye, Dissected eyeball, Ear, tympanic cavity, Ossicles, Venogram of the head, Skull X-Rays, Arteriogram of the head, Head CT scans.   

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